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Millimeter Wave (18-170 GHz) Products and Engineering Services

3J Microwave. offers millimeter wave products in 10 waveguide bands and engineering services with frequency coverage of 18 to 170 GHz. The products and services are included in the following 4 catagories:

Catalog Products

  1. Amplifier Products
  2. Frequency Converters
  3. Signal Sources and Frequency Multipliers
  4. Passive Components
  5. Ferrite Components
  6. PIN Diode Controlled Devices
  7. Standard Gain Horn Antennas

Instrumentation Frequency Extenders and Bench Setups


Custom Transceivers and Subsystems

  • TRX Series Custom Transceivers
  • TX Series Custom Transmitters
  • RX Series Custom Receivers
  • IFM Series Interferer Meters

Doppler Sensors

  • SENSOR-KA Series Ka-Band Doppler Sensors
  • SENSOR-K Series Ka-Band Doppler Sensors


W-Band Custom Transceiver on Plate consists of Phase-Locked Local Oscillator, Up & Down-converter, Blanking PIN switch, Hign Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter, 3dB Directional Coupler, Junction Circulator, LNA and PA

Other forms of assemblies are availble. Please consult the factory for the details.